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Tom MacKay is an international mentalist providing amazing psychological entertainment for any event,function, business event or stage show. His performances will make any event more memorable, unique and entertaining. Mentalism combines psychology, magic and performance which leaves people speechless and wondering about the true possibilities of the mind.

Whether you are looking for an after dinner speaker, keynote speaker, entertainment for a corporate event, wedding or any other event, Tom MacKay's mentalism and magic will make your event more special.

podcastListen to Tom MacKay performing on the George Lamb radio podcast (podcast number 52, starting at about 40 mins)

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Memories are truly priceless and helping people remember your event in the best possible way can help any event become truly priceless! There are lots of magicians for hire advertising on the Internet, however Tom MacKay provides a unique form of magical entertainment which helps to build relationships and provide the highest quality entertainment at the same time.

More ‘traditional’ magic leaves people amazed when performed well, however the mentalism or mental magic that Tom MacKay literally leaves people speechless! Tom has performed on stage, for large companies, private parties and events for over 15 years and his experience in working with such diverse audiences allows him to quickly and easily build rapport in any situation.

Listen to Tom performing mentalism on a recent radio show…

If you could leave people talking about your event for weeks afterwards, wouldn’t this be pretty incredible?

That is exactly what Tom MacKay wants to help to achieve – whether you want a magician for hire for a private or corporate event, a wedding magician or if you want to put on a full show on stage, or even on television.

Some of the types of effects Tom will do include mind reading, prediction and bending metal – things that will stretch your current beliefs about reality and what really is possible!

Of course, Tom can also perform more traditional magic effects involving cards and sleight of hand if you are looking for this type of entertainment, however over years of performing we have found that mentalism, the more ‘psychological’ style of entertainment is the thing that really stuns people and leaves them wanting more!

Imagine thinking of a word and then thinking about that word – making a picture of it in your mind. Without telling anyone else that word, how incredible would it be to have Tom describe the word you  are thinking of?

This is just one example of the type of effect Tom will perform when you book him for your event. Whether or not you believe in mind reading, psychic powers or even telekinesis, Tom will leave you truly wondering whether these things are really possible. As a member of the prestigious Magic Circle, Tom is dedicated to helping to provide your event with the best possible entertainment and providing an incredible atmosphere for your guests or audience.

Mentalism is often promoted as mind reading because these are the type of effects that are commonly performed. If you have ever seen Uri Geller or Derren Brown, these are the type of experiences that you will have when you book Tom for your event. Mentalism really is a branch of magic that is enjoyed by everyone – young and old. Tom is purely focused on helping your guests have the most entertaining time they can have. In business Tom can also tailor performances to help enhance your event or training.

Mentalist & Magician In London – Magic for any event – Corporate, Weddings, Parties – although based in London, Tom is happy to travel to any part of the country or world!

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