London Magician – Tom MacKay – mentalism and magic of the mind for corporate and private eventsĀ 

What is Magic?

Magic is sometimes defined as the illusion of almost impossible experiences through stagecraft.

In reality, I like to think of magic as more of a ‘feeling’ – that feeling you used to get as a kid at Christmas when you woke up and found your Christmas stocking ‘magically’ delivered at the bottom of your bed, or at the fireplace! That’s the same feeling many people get when they witness a great magician – that feeling of there being something ‘more’ than the reality they are used to.

Is there real magic?

That’s one of the questions you’ll hopefully ask yourself when you see a great performance! Sometimes ‘not knowing’ is the element that gives you the feeling of real mystery.

London Magician and Mentalist Tom MacKay specialises in psychological based performances and illusions to help make any event memorable.