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Tom MacKay is an international mentalist providing amazing psychological entertainment for any event,function, business event or stage show. His performances will make any event more memorable, unique and entertaining. Mentalism combines psychology, magic and performance which leaves people speechless and wondering about the true possibilities of the mind.

Whether you are looking for an after dinner speaker, keynote speaker, entertainment for a corporate event, wedding or any other event, Tom MacKay's mentalism and magic will make your event more special.

podcastListen to Tom MacKay performing on the George Lamb radio podcast (podcast number 52, starting at about 40 mins)

Magician London

Tom MacKay – Magician London

Tom MacKay has been performing magic in London for over 15 years. Originally starting out in more traditional close up magic, he now specialises in mentalism – more psychological type performances where you might experience anything from mind reading and predictions through to metal bending.

He is a member of the prestigious Magic Circle, which only dedicated magicians can gain membership to, after demonstrating their skills to a panel of judges and fulfilling various criteria.

As primarily a magician in London, Tom performs at corporate events, parties, weddings and really any occasion that you would like to make more special and memorable. Having Tom perform at your event really will make it an occasion that people will talk about for a long time afterwards.

At a recent event the person who booked Tom to perform a show said ‘we have hired lots of people including magicians to entertain our group over the past few years, however Tom is the first person to totally engage their attention and we’d definitely be wanting him back!’

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