Mentalist & Magician In London

Tom MacKay is an international mentalist providing amazing psychological entertainment for any event,function, business event or stage show. His performances will make any event more memorable, unique and entertaining. Mentalism combines psychology, magic and performance which leaves people speechless and wondering about the true possibilities of the mind.

Whether you are looking for an after dinner speaker, keynote speaker, entertainment for a corporate event, wedding or any other event, Tom MacKay's mentalism and magic will make your event more special.

podcastListen to Tom MacKay performing on the George Lamb radio podcast (podcast number 52, starting at about 40 mins)

Make Magic Your Life

The truth is that we experience magic every day in our lives. Nature, people, kindness – there are so many experiences that happen every day that could say are truly magical and the real thing is about being open to experience magic that is there all the time.

Go for a walk in the countryside and look around at the truly incredible scenery and wildlife – life and nature is so varied, it is truly magical. How animals fly, swim and perform other miraculous things is truly an example of magic in our everyday lives.

Magic is all around us every day, so just open yourself to the daily experience of magic!