Have you ever wondered if it is possible to read minds?

This is just one of the things people experience with mentalism. Mentalism can include:

  • ESP / Mind reading
  • Predicting events
  • Moving objects mentally
  • Metal bending
  • Remote viewing / drawing duplication
  • Influencing another person


Mentalism has grown in popularity over the last decade, thanks to all the different media coverage and shows, such as The Mentalist, Derren Brown and many other performers. All these different things have led people to wonder how far the power of the mind can truly stretch – just how much can you tell about what someone is thinking and feeling through their non-verbal communication? Is it really possible to predict events?

These and many other questions will be some of the things you will experience when you watch Tom MacKay perform.


Tom MacKay loves to stretch peoples’ beliefs about what is possible – his performances leave people open to the endless possibilities of the mind!