Mentalist & Magician In London

Tom MacKay is an international mentalist providing amazing psychological entertainment for any event,function, business event or stage show. His performances will make any event more memorable, unique and entertaining. Mentalism combines psychology, magic and performance which leaves people speechless and wondering about the true possibilities of the mind.

Whether you are looking for an after dinner speaker, keynote speaker, entertainment for a corporate event, wedding or any other event, Tom MacKay's mentalism and magic will make your event more special.

podcastListen to Tom MacKay performing on the George Lamb radio podcast (podcast number 52, starting at about 40 mins)

Trade Show Magical Marketing

Boost your presence at your Trade Show Now!

If you ever promote your business at Trade Shows, then you’ll know that….

It costs a lot of money

It costs a lot of time

It is a battle against all the other exhibitors in your area

So how can you get maximum return for your investment at a Trade Show and get multiple times the business of your competitors?

To get the maximum value from exhibiting at a Trade Show, you need to:

Draw the maximum possible potential customers to your stand

Get as many potential clients’ details as possible

Ensure that your leads remember your product, service and brand over everyone else!

So how can you achieve these magical results?

We have the perfect solution with our Trade Show Magical Marketing package. We will help to:

Draw a large number of prospects to your stand

Engage the prospects and gather contact information

Leave the prospects remembering your service or product above your competitors!

How do we do this?

We can help provide services to help you market and deliver your message at your Trade Show, from the preparation through until the end.

Having Tom MacKay, international mentalist and performer, deliver a tailored presentation next to your stand will attract a large audience and leave people talking about your business for weeks afterwards. He can develop a show that is tailored to your business and link astonishing presentations to your brand. Throughout the presentations he will help to gather prospects’ details, helping you gather hot leads to follow up on – leads that will remember you because of the engaging presentation linked to your business.

it is not unusual for these presentations to triple, quadruple or gain even more hot leads for you to turn into potential customers. If you currently exhibit at trade shows, take a little time to work out your investment in time and money. Then work out your profit gained as a result of your investment. If you could triple or quadruple this, I’m sure you’d see what an important investment using Trade Show Magical Marketing services can be.

So contact Tom MacKay now to find out how you can boost your business now!