Mentalist & Magician In London

Tom MacKay is an international mentalist providing amazing psychological entertainment for any event,function, business event or stage show. His performances will make any event more memorable, unique and entertaining. Mentalism combines psychology, magic and performance which leaves people speechless and wondering about the true possibilities of the mind.

Whether you are looking for an after dinner speaker, keynote speaker, entertainment for a corporate event, wedding or any other event, Tom MacKay's mentalism and magic will make your event more special.

podcastListen to Tom MacKay performing on the George Lamb radio podcast (podcast number 52, starting at about 40 mins)

A Magical New Year

As we approach the New Year tomorrow, it really can be a magical time to reflect on what you’d like to achieve in the New Year. People often talk about New Year resolutions, but don’t get around to doing them, but when you take time to decide what you’d like to accomplish over the next year and put a plan into motion, you really can achieve amazing things.

The real key is to be specific about what you want – not vague goals like  ‘I’d like to be happier’ but specific outcomes you can accomplish in a certain time frame.

Once you have the specifics goal in place, you also want to think about creating an action plan for getting it – imagine the steps you’ll take to get there and know what and when the first step you’ll take will be.

Take action on that first step immediately – there’s really no point hanging around waiting because now is the best time to get started. In fact not being clear about when to take that first step is often the reason people don’t accomplish their goals – it keeps being put off and never accomplished when in fact if you just did it NOW you’d be amazed at how quickly you could accomplish your dreams.

Make 2016 magical and create your dreams NOW!

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