about mentalism

Mentalism is a branch of magic that could be described as ‘psychological magic’. If you have ever seen Derren Brown perform on television or on stage, this is the type of magic that he performs.

With mentalism you might experience what appears to be mind reading, telepathy, predicting the future, metal bending and clairvoyancy, amongst other things.

Sometimes people are concerned that a mentalist will be able to tap into your deepest, darkest thoughts and desires. In fact I’ve experienced people even trying to avoid eye contact in case I could somehow delve into their minds!

Therefore it is important to be reassured that this is not at all what mentalism is about and when you hire me for and type of performance, these are some of the facts:


  • Mentalism is about entertainment
  • Your secrets remain YOUR secrets!
  • A mentalist does not know your secret thoughts (unless you want them to!)
  • Mentalism is a branch of magic
  • Mentalism is totally separate from people who claim to be psychics
  • Mentalism can be highly entertaining
  • Mentalists are not ‘mediums’


When I perform mentalism it could be walking around doing close up effects, or a stage show at an event. Both types of performance are highly entertaining. With a show, I will always try to involve people from the audience, so participation is encouraged, leaving you safe in the knowledge that is is all entertainment and fun,.